My Frenchie Apparel - French Bulldog Inspired Designs

 Available For Men, Women and Children 

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Hello and welcome to My Frenchie. The idea for a french bulldog apparel line came after the introduction of Roman into our family. Roman is a beautiful but mischievous white and black Frenchie. Now a few things about Roman are that he believes his a big dog that can take on anything in his path. His worst enemy is the broom. Don't even say broom because he will start going crazy. His best friend is a Doberman named Jefe, even thou he doesn't like to admit it. He loves to get his belly rubbed. He gets along well with humans but not as much with other dogs. He loves to play with balls and just about any toy he can find. He has captured our hearts with his funny ways and playful spirit. Now he does have some draw back, his farts are just horrible, he snores so loud that he wakes himself up, he gabbles up anything he can find and at first he was pooping all over the house. Even thou he has brought some challenges to our home, he has brought a lot of love. Roman born June 4, 2014 in Toronto, Ont. Canada

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