The Journey Of An Aspiring Entrepreneur


My name is Daniel Barrientos, i would like to take the opportunity to share how i started UGRCollection, the vision of the company and a little more about me. UGR stands for Undergroundroots and initially was my personal music blog. Here i would share my music production and the music i was interested in. I was fascinated by the DJ culture and  i practiced as much as i could. With time i started djing in clubs, bars and private events.Then i had the great opportunity to work as the resident DJ onboard some of the biggest international cruise ships. This job gave me the chance to travel the world, meet people from all over the globe and practice my craft. I ended up working on the cruise ships industry for about 5 years and loved every moment. After 5 years i decided to leave the cruise ship industry. One of the reasons i left was economical, as i desired to make more money, so i can have a better future for myself and possibly my family. Leaving a comfortable job wasn't easy, especially one that i enjoyed so much, but i was thinking about the future and wanted something greater for myself. At this time i also meet that special someone that i eventually would marry. So me and my future wife decided to start a new chapter in our lives and moved to Toronto Canada. Upon returning to the city i grew up in, i had a hard time finding a good job. I had college education, several years of experience in different types of industries but couldn't seem to find a good paying job. Eventually, I took any job i could, just so i can pay the bills. Interview after interview with no one calling back, i decided to take charge and create my own opportunity. Looking online i started searching for how to make money online. You can imagine all the different types of "opportunities" i found. After trying several courses and programs i started seeing results working with Ebay and Amazon. With these platforms i became a reseller. Looking to buy low and sell high. This was my first taste of e-commerce. I wasn't making a full income but i was proving some needed cash for me and my fiancé. Soon i came across a platform called Merch By Amazon. Here member can come up with designs to sell on t-shirts. I had great success with this and became very passionate about it, to the point i started a Youtube channel called True North. Here is where UGRCollection comes in. It is my apparel line geared towards Canadians. It is in it's infancy and is a project i am very passionate about.  To learn more check out my youtube channel and my journey as an aspiring entrepreneur. 

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